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We’re sculptors, but the other way around. We create something bigger from the tiniest bits.

What is our “why”?

Information technology is no longer a sunrise industry - it surrounds us everywhere - at work and in personal lives. Understanding humans and staying humane is essential - throughout the entire creative process.

Bitweb is not a real family, but we actually kind of are one. Having each other’s backs and standing shoulder to shoulder, we take responsibility together, so that nothing falls through the cracks and ends up behind a server somewhere. Last but not least, we just really believe that friendliness, warmth and compassion are the ideal bits of a whole being. 


Bitweb’s mission as a partner in IT system development is to make the process personal and individual. Thanks to our experience and ability to listen, we can offer our customers what they might actually need, instead of necessarily giving them what they initially wanted straight away.


Bitweb isn’t the world’s largest development company. Surprisingly this is not the type of growth we seek…we treasure inner growth most. As people. As specialists. As a team. We never stop growing!


Does in-depth work take up too much time? Sometimes it does. But mostly, being thorough and careful actually saves time. A stitch in time means we save precious minutes… and instead of correcting mistakes, we can happily get on with our new challenges. 


Bitweb maneuvers through life by asking as many questions as possible. All the time. We’re always asking questions from our colleagues, our clients, ourselves. Our endless curiosity helps us understand everything better. Thus, it continuously moves us towards new solutions and innovation all the time. 

That family feeling at work

All on its own, Bitweb has started to feel like a supportive family. That doesn’t mean we live in a sitcom, flipping pancakes. That means our people care about each other - take notice, and most importantly, take mutual responsibility. We are in charge not only for our own wellbeing but also for the wellbeing of our colleagues. Living like this makes work easier and everyone has the courage to climb higher, knowing someone always has their back. 

Pets are welcome 

Pets are just as welcome in our office as our customers or colleagues are. Sometimes even more welcome…


We came together on 45 different occasions during the first nine months of 2021. For LAN, salon minutes, an Uncle Bob watch party, Day of Cultures, and many more.


If you work up a sweat at your desk, you’re welcome to use the facilities to get even sweatier. Our team has access to the entire penthouse along with a sauna.

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